Site Questions:

Are the girls on real AB/DLs?

This is a tricky question to answer. Some most definitely classify themselves as either AB(Adult Baby), DL(Diaper Lover) or a combination of the two. A few prefer no classification as this fetish plays only a small role in their lives. In any case, however, every girl at has expressed a REAL interest in the AB/DL lifestyle

How can I contact the girls?

For the privacy of all the girls at, we do not give out personal information for any reason. If you would like to contact one or more of the girls, you can send your email to us at and we will be happy to forward your message.

Can I have my photos/videos featured at

If you are a female AB/DL and would like your own portfolio here, feel free to email us at We will even compensate you for your troubles!

How often are new photos and videos added? is updated once per week, usually Friday.

Support Questions:

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Remember, your password was emailed to you when you signed up for the site. However, you can also recover your password with this form. If you have any problems please email for assistance.

I have trouble playing the videos. What should I do?

The videos on this site are in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format. If you have Windows the first thing you should try is downloading the videos to your computer. Then play the videos with Windows Media Player.

If you don't have Windows or your Windows Media Player won't work, I would recommend VLC media player. It's a popular and free player that can play almost any type of video. Download VLC for Windows or VLC for Mac OS X.

How can I cancel my account?

First go to our billing support page HERE. You will be asked to enter any two (2) of the following. Your email address, user name, member ID or credit card number. You'll only need to enter any two of those things but if you can't, just send an email to and we can take care of it.

I have a question not answered by the FAQ. What do I do?

Simply email and we will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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